The White House Poetry Circle

The White House Poetry CircleThe White House Poetry Circle will produce a new creative poetry anthology charting the stories and experiences of a place as well as that of its residents.

The White House Poetry Circle publication brought together a selection of poems and texts compiled and written by the poetry circle and other local writers.

The Poetry Circle are a self-organized group of local residents that meet at The White House, the group comes together to share and recite new poems on different thematics each month. The anthology acted as an archival marker, recording the extensive works of the poetry circle over the years they have been meeting.

Together, the group compiled new and past works which explored shared ideas of care, politics of place, and reflections on community, friendship and heritage, mapped across time.  The anthology was launched as part of the Becontree estate’s centenary programme in 2021.

 The White House Poetry Circle is an open and free group who have been meeting at The White House for many years. The poetry circle is a social group for adults interested in poetry, the group create, share and recite their poems inspired by different topics and themes.

The Poetry Circle forms part of the Front Room Programme, a regular public programme of creative activities designed and facilitated with local people that come to The White House.