The People’s Bureau

The People’s BureauThe People’s Bureau is an artistic programme that enables community representation, delivered by artists Eva Sajovic and Rebecca Davies.

The project collects and makes visible the diversity of cultures, skills, networks and resourcefulness present in any one area and has come to occupy a unique position in the context of community art. 

It does this by engaging with a multitude of stakeholders, including the local residents, the developers, universities, the local council, art institutions, activists and the media, to create a vibrant platform for organisation, contestation and negotiation.

During the 4-month residency commission at Park Royal, Sajovic & Davies have used skill & knowledge exchanges and other interactions with individuals, communities, local organisations and OPDC around the concerns of those involved, aimed at strengthening collective competence in making decisions and taking actions. 

In September 2018, the pair were residents of the area by temporarily moving into a flat at The Collective, a co-working and co-living establishment in Park Royal. As ‘hosts’ they delivered a 4-day public programme and invited local residents of the Old Oak and Park Royal to take part in a daily lunch, discussions and workshops around a number of themes. 

A small book was published as an open resource for future artistic commissions in the area. It collates findings from the discussions had and three proposals constructed on the basis of the needs of the locals for the area.