Shamica Ruddock

Shamica RuddockShamica Ruddock

Shamica Ruddock is a multimedia artist based in London. Working predominantly with sound and moving image, Shamica infuses elements of animation, speech and soundscapes in order to offer new ways of reflecting on notions of the self, and our understandings of the ‘other’. They are interested in interrogating memory, the legacies we inherit and often the trauma that can accompany those legacies, and our tools for cultural preservation.

Shamica also has a background working in cultural heritage, specifically archives, collections and community engagement. They allow much of this experience to guide their practice. Often working collaboratively, they are interested in exploring the dynamics of cultural hybridity and our understanding of emotion as a tool for participation. Most recently, they have been jointly commissioned by the South London Gallery to lead a series of community focused filmmaking workshops around the theme of ‘The Archive as Personal’.