Sculptural street furniture by HEATHER PEAK & IVAN MORISON

Sculptural street furniture by HEATHER PEAK & IVAN MORISONCreating more welcoming places for people to rest and play on the Becontree Estate

Heather Peak and Ivan Morison’s sculptural street furniture provides a surprising and playful intervention into public space. Situated at six different locations across the Becontree Estate, the artworks offer spaces to sit beneath trees, pause while your children play or rest your legs on the way home. 

The designs use the same palette of materials and a shared vocabulary of basic forms – the cone, the cylinder and the slab. These forms are used interchangeably, giving the artworks a whimsical quality. “The forms are as simple as children’s wooden play blocks. We stack a cylinder on a cone and call it a table. We put a flat slab on a smaller slab and call it a bench. We put little hemispheres on top of these forms and call them coconuts” says Ivan Morison.

Positioned at corner shopping parades, local businesses and residents took part in consultation to help select locations for the artworks. You can find them on the Becontree Estate at: Andrews Corner, Heathway/Hedgemans Road, Goresbrook Road/Heathway, Martins Corner and Wood Lane/ Grafton Road. 

These commissions form part of Create London’s programme of art, architecture and infrastructure celebrating the Becontree Estate and the diverse histories and lives of its residents. Each of the community-centred infrastructure projects seek to enrich the local area and give positive value to behaviour in public spaces, supported by, and in partnership with, the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Heather Peak and Ivan Morison’s sculptural street furniture, titled ‘Two Cannibals Eating a Clown’, has been produced and curated by Create London, working with and supported by the London Borough and Barking and Dagenham.