Jeng Au

Jeng AuJeng Au

Jeng makes up 1/3 of Political Genius, a collective who believes that politics is for everyone and that the language of politics should reflect that. Along with Lauryn Adeyemi and Ayo Fagbemi, they aim to start conversations championing and using language young people relate to and, most importantly, understand. Only by understanding politics can young people truly engage and shape the thought and the decisions of the city and country they live in.

Outside of Political Genius, Jeng is currently tackling the world of advertising as a Creative at Wieden+Kennedy. They enjoy exploring all things creative, including design, short film production, illustration and 3D modelling, among other crafts. In their downtime they enjoy baking bread and making T-shirts. Currently Jeng is in the process of adding copywriting and coding to their belt with the help of General Assembly, D&AD, and Create Jobs.