Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice DayA digital, interactive film and performance commissioned by artist Hannah Perry in collaboration with South-East London teenagers.

Have A Nice Day, was a two part commission comprising an artwork by Hannah Perry, and a digital take-over by bubblebyte.org.

The project was curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini

Hannah Perry’s multi-media is part-sculpture, part-intervention. For HAND, Perry opened up her practice to develop a collaborative production of live video and performance, which took the final form of a green screen installation that allowed the audience to simultaneously see a conflux of pre-recorded video, audio, live performance and music.
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An open rehearsal was staged at Greenwich Dance on Saturday 29 June and the live performance took place on Saturday 13 July the Barbican Art Gallery, London.

In developing the work Perry collaborated with six invited artists, Jesse Darling, Stan Iordanov, Yuri Pattison, Paul Purgas, Alex Ressel and Rosie Whitney-Fish in the respective areas of audio production, live video and performance. From May to July 2013, the artist ran a series of sessions which enabled Perry to co-produce the piece with a group of teenagers at and from Click-Click Pose, in Woolwich.

In the sessions, Perry and the teenagers examined influences on the modern life of the young people, and engaged the teenage participants in the collection and generation of digital material and development of the work.  The final film and performance have been informed by the teenagers’ worldview through their use, production and manipulation of multi-media, exploring how they process image, sound, news, facts and trends.

In addition to these sessions, the final performance wove in a series of live movement and gesture pieces.

Online platform bubblebyte.org created SUCCESSONE, a curated take-over of Create’s website throughout the duration of Have a Nice Day project.

During the workshop sessions, bubblebyte.org generated a soundboard of audio works with the participants and artist collaborators. This soundboard has then formed the basis for other artists, invited by bubblebyte.org, to generate a range of new art works to be integrated within the existing fabric of the Create’s website design.

Have a Nice Day was delivered by Hannah Perry, Create, Attilia Fattori Franchini and bubblebyte.org.

Have a Nice Day is supported by Legacy Trust UK, Arts Council England and Royal Borough of Greenwich. The Open Rehearsal was supported by Greenwich Dance. Workshops were supported by Click-Click Pose.

Take-over artists:
Black Argos, Milo Brennan, Menna Cominetti, Richard Healy, Alexandria McCrosky, Andrew Norman Wilson, Alex Rathbone, Daniel Shanken.

Haydn Armstrong (16), Damilola Balagon (19), Reece Campbell (14), Jamie Cousins (16), Brandon Fogah (15), Ahmed Gowiely (19), Brennan Kassim (17), Adneli Kondia (18), Ryan McKie (18), Kyle Murphy (17), Ashli Smith (21), Deja Thomas (14), Littah Thomas (12), Kayo Wilson (21)

Konstantina Skalionta, Monica Nicolaides, Rhian Jeffery, Hayley Chivers, Mimi Van Buuren, Rosie Terry, Shireen Talhouni, Louise Bland,Charlotte Cox, Paola Napolitano, Fiona Whitelaw, Thais Mennsitieri, Tomomi Kosano, Rita Suszek, Kaisha Brown, Dannie Pye

Hannah Perry (born 1984) is a British artist working mainly in installation, print and video. Graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2009 and currently studying at The Royal Academy of Arts.

Continuously generating and manipulating materials (footage, sound clips, images and objects) Perry develops a sprawling network of references, carefully exploring personal memory in today’s hyper-technological society whilst bending back the systems of representation via hyperactive distribution. Perry is guided by music or speech, repetition, focalization and deceleration, revealing the strength of our personal investment in images of the illusory (youth, power, sex, taste, lifestyle) as well as the prescriptive nature of these desires.

bubblebyte.org Founded in January 2011 as a collaboration between artist Rhys Coren and curator Attilia Fattori Franchini, bubblebyte.org was an online gallery platform, exhibiting over 70 international artists over two years in both solo and group shows. Since March 2013, with the addition of artist Paul Flannery, bubblebyte.org now specialises in integrating artwork within the fabric of already functioning websites through curated take-overs.

Click Click Pose is a digital photography and multimedia workshop with a learning and development scheme of interactive teaching and specialism in photography and video. Their workshops offer unique and exciting opportunities to children and young people at all levels. Click Click Pose is a voluntary organisation based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.