Bank On It

Bank On ItA theatrical immersion into the world of money for families.

Housed in the basement of the Rose Lipman Building, Bank on It was an immersive and interactive experience for children and families that delved into the often puzzling world of finance and banking.

Bank On It was inspired by the economic crisis and an awareness that, as adults, many of us lack a thorough understanding of economics and how it affects us. This led Theatre-Rites to ask what kind of legacy we are leaving our children, and what is their understanding of the very complex force that is economics?

Bank On It made no attempt to solve the economic crisis, nor educate children about banks, but it offered an original way of gazing at it, allowing children and adults the opportunity to examine resources that money can and cannot buy.

The production transformed the space of the Rose Lipman Building into a completely new and unexpected environment; the most unusual bank audiences will ever encounter.  They were invited to explore the secrets of this Bank, and discover that something is not quite right in this kingdom of money.

The performances were supported by a programme of workshops for local schools, with discounted tickets available for families from the surrounding area.

Directed by Sue Buckmaster
Design by Hannah Clark
Composition and sound design by Nick Powell
Lighting by Anna Watson
Associate Director Elgiva Field

Bank On It was co-commissioned with the Barbican and Theatre-Rites, in association with Warwick Arts Centre and the Economics Department of the University of Warwick.