PODCAST: Space for the Self-Made

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Space for the Self-Made is a new podcast created by Issie Leigh and Jeng Au, members of our youth-led innovation lab, Interchange. The podcast addresses adversities felt by people of colour in the arts and creative industries through reframing the narrative focus from the negative and instead exploring the culture of resilience emerging among young London creatives.

The pilot episode gives a solid springboard as it traverses three major points of contention for young people of colour today; diversity and representation, the necessity of safe-spaces and economic uncertainty seen through the lens of young creatives who are “making their own creative space”.

Guests include musician and artist YaYa Bones, print publication for East and South-east Asian women and non-binary voices daikon* zine and audience members at The Cocoa Butter Club who showcase and celebrate performers of colour.

This work was supported by AHRC grant AH/P013155/1, ‘Who is missing from the picture? The problem of inequality in the creative economy and what we can do about it?’, funded as part of Panic! 2018.