Town Gas

A major new commission by Artist Aaron Angell, Town Gas will see the construction of London's only publicly accessible gas fired kiln in collaboration with young people living in Hackney

Recipient of the inaugural Create Cities commission, Town Gas will see the construction of London’s only publicly accessible gas-fire kiln. Developed by London-based artist Aaron Angell the project will work with 20 local young adults aged between 16 and 24 to build and operate the kiln.

Angell founded the experimental ceramics studio Troy Town Art Pottery in 2013 in response to dwindling ceramics access in London. The pottery provides a space for artists to explore the practice of ceramics, removed from the idea of production and function that is embedded in the history of the medium. Town Gas will expand this approach, introducing a new way of thinking about ceramics to young adults in east London.

Once the standard way in which all ceramics were fired, gas firing has been completely phased in favour of electric kiln firing. While requiring a small amount of outdoor space and special expertise to operate, gas kilns are a lot cheaper to run and repair. However the most important thing about gas firing is that it enables the production of a vastly increased range of glazes.

Town Gas will offer workshops and other activities throughout 2016 in collaboration with Create Jobs and Troy Town Art Pottery, culminating in a traineeship on how to use the gas-fired kiln, launched in summer 2016. The project aims to train the young adults to run the pottery workshop at ground level and through participation in the project develop new transferable skills to support their future ambitions in education and employment.

The Create Cities project is a new commission that provides a leading artist with a major opportunity to deliver a project that will have a lasting impact on the life of a community. It is made possible by the support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch which, for the 8th consecutive year, has partnered with Create to support artists in east London.