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Leah Clements

Leah Clements’ practice is concerned with the relationship between the psychological, emotional, and physical, often through personal accounts of experiences of unusual, odd, or hard-to-articulate forms of consciousness. Recent work has also focused on sickness/cripness/disability in art, in critical and practical ways. Exhibitions, residencies, performances, screenings and other events include (2018): Artist in residence, Wysing Arts Centre, UK, On Cripping ICA, London, Artist in residence, Rupert, Vilnius, HereNow Art+Technology Residency & Exhibition, Space, London, The Empath Project, Res., London, 2015 – 2017, Beside, Chisenhale Gallery Online Commission, (2015): Beside, Live work, Chisenhale Gallery, you promised me poems solo exhibition, Vitrine, London.

 still from ‘Sick Bed’, VR game, Leah Clements, 2018


Grace Duggan

Grace Duggan is a theatre maker, director and community practitioner who grew up in Barking, East London. She is dedicated to working with new writing, collaboration and the galvanising of communities. Grace has worked with organisations such as Fuel Theatre, Studio 3 Arts, Young Vic Theatre, Frantic Assembly, Creative Barking and Dagenham, The North Wall, Blue Elephant Theatre and Global Streets.


Julia Forsman

I began working as a photographer during the nine years I lived in Istanbul 2008–2017 , gathering the skills to photograph diverse subjects from birth to portraits and fashion, as well as documenting everyday life, the environment and people around me. Since returning to the UK my focus has been on creating longer documentary series in collaboration with my subjects. I also work as an editor for the photography co-operative Stocksy United.


Alex Frost

Alex Frost was born and grew up in London although he lived in Glasgow for twenty years before returning to London five years ago. He makes sculptures and videos that explore the nuances of consumerist life which today extends to the way the consumerist hit has migrated online

 Smoked Salmon and Soft Cream Cheese on Brown Bread, No Mayo (Waitrose)/ Prawn Mayonnaise on Brown Bread (Tesco), 2017 Clear Cast Polyester Resin, Sandwiches and Mirrored Acrylic Sheet, 230 x 150 x 130 mm.


Sahra Hersi

Sahra Hersi is a multidisciplinary architectural designer and artist based in London. After graduating from the Royal College of Art Architecture programme, she found herself free to reinterpret what architecture means. She has been quietly rebelling against her architectural education ever since. Her practice explores shared spaces, the public realm, collaboration and community engagement. Her work is often born out of engaging with local communities and the spaces they occupy.

Sahra Hersi artwork, Rabbits Road Press


Alex Legge

Alex Legge grew up in hamlet in mid-Wales before moving to London in 2013 to study Drama at Queen Mary University of London. She is a freelance arts and events producer who has worked with numerous artists and organisations, these include: Split Britches, Wellcome Collection, Artsadmin, Access All Areas, non zero one, Lauren Barri Holstein, Marlborough Pub & Theatre and Lucy McCormick. Alex is also a part-time comedy-cabaret performer and regularly performs at venues across London.


Jimmy Lee

My Name is Jimmy, I am born and bred in Barking and Dagenham. I am a self taught photographer, I enjoy all forms of photography and would class myself as a visual storyteller. Street photography is also a huge passion.


Sarina Mantle

Hello, my name is Sarina Mantle I’m a Multidisciplinary Artist, Mother and Vocalist. I founded Wildsuga, an art, adornment & design lifestyle brand called Wildsuga in 2008 and I’m based in my home studio in London. I explore digital + hand-drawn illustrations, surface design, hand block printing & other disciplines such as painting, sewing, pattern cutting & jewellery design as a way to inspire the home, body and mind. Through the practice of these different art forms, I approach what I create as Holistic Art Pieces that are sacred, beautiful and remind us of reconnecting to the natural world & feminine divine. I also run a varied mix of creative workshops for toddlers and adults in London and I am the author of self-care colouring book Women, Patterns + Plants.

 100 Days


Matty May

Matty May is a working-class queer artist from Barking. Unashamedly common as muck, he is currently developing his first solo show ‘If You Love Me this Might Hurt’, an uncomfortable and funny show about rage, suicide and mental health.  Matty is the Associate Director of Scottee & Friends Ltd and a founding member of the Working Class Artists Group.   


Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf

Nephertiti Schandorf is an early career producer of performance, audio and moving image in non-gallery contexts. She has developed, delivered and assisted on mid to large-scale exhibitions and programmes with the Whitworth and Manchester Galleries, and Manchester International Festival (2012-13); and the Royal College of Art, the BFI, LUX Moving Image (2013-16). She is currently Producer of Larry Achiampong’s ambitious multi-site ‘Relic Traveller’ project (2017-). Nephertiti was born in West Africa and raised in East London.

 Relic 1, 4K video still, 2017. Commissioned by PS-Y. © 2017 Larry Achiampong, courtesy of the artist and Copperfield Gallery


Ravinder Rayit

I am an artist, arts educator and life coach. In all my work I openly communicate with the world by expressing both my joys and sorrows through various media such as painting, photography, creative journals, spoken word, public speaking, film, audio and performance. Coming from a broken home with serious attachment issues, I’ve often questioned ‘the meaning of life’ at a very young age. Art became a powerful and therapeutic tool in gaining an understanding of my situation, and helped me to overcome my emotional and mental conditions. I hope my acceptance of myself and being authentic through my art can offer others’ to do the same. I am also a Christian YouTuber creating Vlogs and sharing God’s Word as my Ministry on various social media platforms. I also collaborate with other Christian artists online over the pond in the United States with music, singing and poetry.


Lois Weaver

Lois Weaver is an artist, activist and Professor of Contemporary Performance at Queen Mary, University of London and a Wellcome Trust Engaging Science Fellow. She co-founded Spiderwoman Theater, WOW, was Artistic Director of Gay Sweatshop in London, and co-founded Split Britches and has collaborated with Peggy Shaw since 1980. Recent works include Unexploded Ordnances (2016-18); What Tammy Needs to Know About Getting Old and Having Sex (2013) and RUFF (2012); Her experiments in public engagement include the Long Table, Porch Sitting, Care Café, and her persona, Tammy WhyNot who facilitates a YouTube channel for the over 55’s. Lois’s performance practice is documented in The Only Way Home Is Through The Show: Performance Works of Lois Weaver, edited by Lois Weaver and Jen Harvie, published in 2015. Lois was named a Senior Fellow by the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in 2014 and is a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow. Lois was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia moved to New York in the 1970s and then started living in London in the 1990s.


Adam Willis

Adam is a designer and maker who works in the fields of architecture, furniture and ceramics, both as a founding member of the collective Assemble and as an individual practitioner. He has worked on projects across a wide range of scales, from the production of ceramic tableware, to the construction of a temporary cinema to, most recently, the design of a new public art gallery for Goldsmiths University.


George Woolfe

George Woolfe’s practice is engaged with methods of fictioning and performativity as speculative tools to explore a “poetics of scenario”. Woolfe’s work often draws on Science Fiction and Romanticism, creating encounters and interventions that give shape to the phantasmic or alien. Recent work has explored astrology and the history of melancholia- culminating in the work Influenza, shown at Atlas House in September 2018. He is currently researching Panspermia and its possible links to homesickness.

 George Woolfe ‘Influenza’ motor, planetary gears, antique table, glass of water, George Woolfe, 2018. The top of the table moves imperceptibly. Completing a revolution once every 10 hours and 39 minutes, its movements corresponding exactly to the rotation of the planet Saturn


Laura Yuile

Laura Yuile is an artist from Glasgow and has been based in East London for the past 5 years. Her work is multidisciplinary, installation-based, and performative, exploring notions of the domestic and the urban through the issues of living together; care and maintenance; and the effects of globalization and technological development upon living space.