Open School East

Open School EastAn art school and creative community space

Open School East is an art school and communal space. Emphasising cooperation and experimentation, the project was set up to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills between artists, local residents and community organisations. Open School East comprises three interrelated elements: a year-long studio-based study programme, a shared activity space open to community groups and individuals and a public programme.

A non-accredited study programme, Open School East provides associates with free tuition from international artists, writers, curators and theorists as well as workspaces, for the course of one academic year. In lieu of paying fees, they are  expected to take an active role in devising and running public activities in and around the building. Open for application to artists with wide-ranging practices and intellectual interests, the programme is for anyone interested in thinking critically about what it means to develop a shared building and to work in connection with a local neighbourhood.

Open School East was founded in 2013 in East London and relocated to Margate, Kent in 2017.

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