Joy Labinjo

Joy LabinjoCreating a permanent large-scale public mural in Becontree during the centenary year. She will collect photographs of people and interiors from residents to inform the work.

Joy Labinjo’s vibrant large-scale paintings depict intimate scenes of contemporary life, capturing the everyday and the domestic. Her compositions feature portraits of family members, friends and people she has discovered in family albums, which are coalesced with found backgrounds. Her compositions are composed according to vibrant colours, patterns and poses, thus, whether they depict scenes from the private space of a household room or the public interior of a bus, she creates seemingly familiar situations which are actually imagined.

Joy Labinjo is currently seeking photographs from Becontree Estate to help her information a new mural. Read more here.

Her style includes multiple modes of representation including abstraction, naturalism and graphic patterns, inspired by Ankara print designs, as well as a mixture of techniques (she uses household paint, acrylic and oil), that echoes her experience of multiple identities – growing up Black, British, Nigerian in the 90s and early 00s. Her paintings expand on Labinjo’s heritage and map a constellation of places and people which extend across generations and geographies, evoking the fashion, hairstyles and interiors of yesteryear and places such as Essex and Lagos, which played an important role in the artist’s upbringing. She questions our idea of both belonging and sense of self by inviting us to rethink and consider both past and present, personal and collective subjectivities.