Cultural strategy and other policy work is often developed behind closed doors. We think open conversations about how art and culture can contribute to life in cities would be better for policy makers, artists and communities. That’s why we commit time to working with public bodies, artists and communities not only on live projects but also on strategic work.

When we work on a piece of policy, we like to include a wide range of local voices, practitioners and we see ourselves as facilitating the expertise that local people already have. We are a little bit allergic to the language and industry of ‘placemaking’: in our opinion places are already places and our role as cultural practitioners or policy makers is first and foremost to listen to people who are there and to the complex histories and perhaps conflicting voices of local people. We encourage time and effort getting to know a place and a certain kind of gentleness in our approach and that of the artists we work with.

We are often invited to work on a consultancy and advisory basis by organisations that range from local government to cultural institutions and strategic bodies in London, the UK and internationally.

We are always interested in how working with artists can move beyond public art and events to help shape the city itself – including the built environment, enterprises, traditions and habits.   Our experience in making ambitious projects happen and our many partnerships with all kinds of organisations in and outside London have led us to develop a methodology and practice that we think is something worth sharing.

If you’d like to talk to us about how art and artists could make a positive impact where you work/live or would like to talk to us about our research and policy work then please email us