Our New Identity

Thursday, 05 June 2014


We are delighted to present our new visual identity designed by London based graphic design studio Kellenberger-White.

The practice devised a design responding to the spirit and working methods at Create.

The new logo takes its inspiration from ‘Making Air Visible’ – a quirky educational experiment for teaching children about their surroundings invented by Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari, which involves observing the transformations of paper flying through the air.

The logo’s form is an animated typographic arrangement based on a thin strip of paper (measuring 30 x 300 mm) spinning in the air – optically forming a ‘C’ shape.


Kellenberger-White used this experiment as starting point for the design of the visual identity, because it’s both fun (try it!) and a
meaningful metaphor for Create’s work – the movement and journey of the spinning paper is formed through its relationship to its surroundings and context.