Kickstarted – a new project for Tottenham

Thursday, 23 April 2015


Our director Hadrian Garrard speaks about what the future holds for Chicken Town now that we have reached our Kickstarter goal:

We thought that today would be spent phoning all of our friends, families and looking for spare change under the sofa to try and make our target. Instead of this, we reached our Kickstarter target of £50k yesterday, with a day to spare and to say we’re pleased, elated and blown away would be to underplay things a lot.

It seems that a lot of people agree with us – that things need to be fairer in London and that everyone deserves positive choices and the opportunity to eat and to live well. So for this we thank you. We know things are impossibly tight financially for so many of us in this city at the moment but we are so inspired and uplifted by the generosity of spirit (and let’s say it – money) that we’ve seen over the past month. Alongside our backers, donors, our Board of Trustees and our new partners (including Time Out who have come on board as a founding supporter) there is a long list of individuals, organisations, partners and businesses without whom we would have got stuck a long time ago. You know who you are and we thank you down to the bottom of our boots.

So Chicken Town will open in the Autumn. After almost four years of research, development, testing, tasting, arguing (almost solely Ben Rymer and I, who came up with the idea of a chicken shop done well and run as a social business, one eventful night in 2011) and dreaming – we’ll be opening our first food business! We’re proud to be opening in Tottenham and to have the support of Haringey Council and the Mayor of London who are our bold partners in this ambitious venture. Tottenham is a brilliant and surprising place and we’re meeting all kinds of generous and inspiring people there. We’re going to be training and employing local young people (we’re already collecting details from some great folk we’ve bumped into on the way) and we want them to be the face and spirit of Chicken Town. It’s their place and when you walk in the door we want you to get a sense of the talent, energy and optimism of Tottenham.

So this summer will be spent refining and testing the menu, looking at a lot of spreadsheets, building a new kind of restaurant with our architects and long term collaborators Assemble, getting the branding right with the brilliant Peter and Paul – and building our team who will be ready to welcome everyone in September.

Please stay touch and up-to-date with all our developments via the dedicated Chicken Town website. We want and we need new partners, collaborators and friends so please drop us a line if you think you can help or if you want to know how things are going.

Thanks again – so very much – and see you soon.

Director, Create