Yuri Pattison - Exhibition

Yuri Pattison
Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency - Exhibition

Yuri Pattison at Chisenhale Gallery_06 copy 2

Yuri Pattison, enquire for lobby work 2 & 3 (2016). Installation view, Campus London. Photo: Manuela Barczewski

This summer London based artist Yuri Pattison will present his first UK institutional solo show at the Chisenhale Gallery. The exhibition will comprise an entirely new body of work, including digital and sculptural elements developed over the past 18 months as part of his Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency (2014 -16).

For the exhibition Pattison will imagine a speculative live/ work environment exploring the relationship between Modernist architecture and science fiction, both of which imagine the future as a utopian space of fantastic social and political potential. Pattison is interested in ideas of transparency – from the open communication of data, to the transparent architectures of new models for shared live/work space, symptomatic of the increasingly flexible and permeable boundaries between life and work. Pattison draws on histories of architectural design to examine the origins of these contemporary models.   

The installation will comprise a series of communal spaces, punctuated by structures designed for individual habitation, including full-scale models of a Nakagin capsule and a Hexayurt, which Pattison is interested in as examples of adaptive, or speculative technology; responsive to changing attitudes to the how we live and work.   

A wall of industrial racking, often used in large global distribution warehouses, will act as a support structure for the installation. It will house a bank of networked computers that control LED and natural light to create an artificially accelerated loop of a standard working day. The computers also synchronise and control playback across multiple device-sized screens, which show a series of new video works in which Pattison contrasts contemporary workspaces dedicated to technological advancement, with the interiors of experimental living spaces.   

A series of new sculptures, which Pattison has installed at sites across east London including, Second Home, a workhub for creative companies; Campus London, a Google space for London’s start-up community; and London Hackspace, will be incorporated into the installation. Each sculpture contains active elements such as a bitcoin mining rig that monitors online transactions and accumulates small amounts of capital. The sculptures are networked to jointly host a website which gathers the research material generated during Pattison’s residency.   

Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency is an 18-month artists’ residency in collaboration with Create. The partnership with Create reflects our mutual interests in commissioning artists to engage with east London’s communities and its varied social and cultural contexts. For the inaugural Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency (2012-14) artist Edward Thomasson worked with a group of performers from east London to produce two new works. Yuri Pattison is the Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency artist (2014 – 16), producing new sculptural and digital work in response to east London’s Tech City.