Panic! It's an Arts Emergency - Public Programme

Panic! It’s an Arts Emergency – Public ProgrammeWhilst the study sheds light on the issues and challenges of entering the arts professions, the accompanying events aim to make a significant step to start a more effective conversation within the industry about inherent elitism and how one might take action to affect real change in the creative economy.

Panic! 2018 comprises a state of the nation report from Arts Emergency Co-founders Neil John Griffiths and Josie Long – aimed at raising awareness of both the social issues and garnering support for change among young people, parents, educational professionals and the public at large. Create London has also commissioned artist-activist Ellie Harrison, well known for her activism and creative analysis of data, to devise a project around the themes of the Panic! paper. Harrison will create a piece of work inspired by themes and issues raised in the papers and accompanying programme.

More information soon.