Ève Chabanon

Ève Chabanon, artist in residence

Ève Chabanon, responding to conversations she has had whilst living at The White House with Christina’s group and other local residents, has created a new work that will give space to questions around the growing anxiety about gentrification and the consequences of austerity on women.

Ève is hosting weekly screenings at The White House showcasing a retrospective of films by Ken Loach. This will begin the process of considering the social issues faced by communities like the ones in Barking & Dagenham, and as a way for residents to meet Ève and learn about her project. See dates and films below:

16 May Cathy Come Home
23 May Jimmy’s Hall – Guest speakers: artist Paul Maheke & BDYD

In addition to this Ève has created Antisocial Social Club- a performance that takes the form of a public debate on the topic of ‘dispossession’ and will be held at Barking Town Hall Council Chambers. Ève will curate the audience to represent a cross section of the Barking & Dagenham community, inviting them to take part in the discussion that will be part political meeting, part cabaret. An performing artist will guide the flow of the conversation in the debate, critiquing by methods of participation and discussion-oriented public debate. Ève has crafted the interactive performance to play with the problematic nature of authoritarianism and crowd manipulation often used in public debate. The performing artist will set up an entertaining system of direction that uses fiction as a leaven for social interaction, simultaneously showing the theoretical and ethical limits of it. Questioning democratic processes and the power of ‘the public’.

To further the conversation, the debate will be filmed and screened in multiple locations around the UK experiencing similar social changes, inviting other communities to share their opinions too. The film will be made in collaboration with students from Barking & Dagenham College.

Anti Social Social Club will be at 7pm on Thurs 15th of June at Barking Town Hall. It will be free to attend, if you live in the borough and are interested in being an audience member please email whitehouse@createlondon.org.

Ève has worked with Chloe Cooper to devise the role of the performing artist that will lead the debate.

Supported by London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, Arts Council England, Genesis Foundation and Fluxus Art Projects