Box Chicken

A healthy alternative to fast food, focusing on long term change.

In September 2013, an innovative new project launched which aimed to tackle the serious problem of youth obesity among young people in deprived, urban areas of London.

The project aimed to harness the popularity of fried chicken shops, which are increasingly prevalent on our high streets, loved by many young people, but which have a hugely negative impact on health. They currently serve high-fat, high-salt, high-calorie, energy-dense food, with significantly low levels of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

As part of a wider exploration into solutions, a mobile catering unit, designed to appeal to school-children appeared in Newham at the start of the new term acting as an alternative to fast food shops in the area.

Tapping into the current trend for street food, but for the first time directly focused at school children, the unit served tasty, hot and crucially, cheap food. The project aims to subtly shift young people’s eating behaviours towards healthier, more positive options, without nagging or patronising consumers.

We commissioned the not-for-profit behaviour change company Shift to produce the project, which forms part of a longer research and development programme into how the popularity of fried chicken shops and fast food can be used to change eating behaviours among young people in the city.

Box Chicken was featured on BBC One’s The One Show in September 2013. Watch the clip below:

Box Chicken on The One Show from CREATE London on Vimeo.

You can read the Observer article that Jay Rayner wrote about the project here

Box Chicken is supported by Legacy Trust UK and Arts Council England.