Create announce the line up for major new project Panic! What Happened to Social Mobility in the Arts?

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lucus_EcclestonActor Christopher Ellecston and artist Sarah Lucus as part of Peter Saville’s Panic! visual campaign

We are pleased to announce the line up for our major new project Panic! What Happened to Social Mobility in the Arts? - a season of music, film, art and debate investigating the state of the cultural sector in the UK.

The Panic! programme will bring together industry leaders, institutional representatives, writers, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians from across the political spectrum to investigate the effects of housing costs, benefit cuts and low salaries have on the UK arts. The season will also explore the impact of rising education fees, reduced arts provision in schools and the proliferation of unpaid internships in the creative industries.

The programme will also reflect on the findings of a new national survey, commissioned by Create and delivered by Goldsmiths, announced in November 2015.


Thursday 26th November 7pm

Does popular culture offer the same opportunities for young ambitious artists today? 

On the panel: Radio DJ Stuart Maconie, author of ‘The Lost Women of Rock Music’ Helen ReddingtonPauline Black from The Selector and the Principal of the Brit School Stuart Worden. Guardian journalist Jude Rogers will chair.

Monday 30th November 7pm

Do diverse workforces make institutions and businesses more dynamic and successful?

On the panel: the Head of London College of Fashion Frances Corner, CEO of Wolff Olins lje Nwokorie and Catherine Ince senior curator at V&A East. Guardian journalist Aditya Chakrabortty will chair.

Tuesday 1st December 7pm 

Does a career in the arts leave you forever in debt? 

On the panel: Shelly Asquith the Vice President of Welfare at NUS, lecturer and author of ‘Everything Is Connected’ Carl Lee with more to be announced.

Wednesday 2nd December 7pm

Is the reputation of London as a creative leader over? 

On the panel: Prof. Mark Brearly Architect and head of Cass Cities MA, the writer and journalist Dawn Foster and London based artist Adham Faramawy. Guardian journalist Zoe Williams will chair.

Friday 4th December 4pm

A conference about the possibilities of doing it for yourself organised by young people living in London. 

On the panel: Femi Adeyemi Founder, NTS Radio & part of Boiler Room, Alex Boateng from Island Records, lead singer of Rubella Ballet Zillah Minx and grime musician Slix from Ruff Sqwad. Chair to be announced.


Friday 4th December 7.30pm

An evening of music that brings together established and emerging artists. 

Electronic duo Darkstar, Newcastle-based troubadour Richard Dawson, singer/songwriter Sivuand a DJ set from the acclaimed Sleaford Mods will feature as part of a Barbican-produced concert.


Thursday 3rd December 6.30pm

Who can make films today and who can make a living as a filmmaker?

Join filmmakers Cecile Emeke and Destiny Ekaragha, writer and programmer Simran Hans and BAFTA’s Director of Learning & Events, Tim Hunter for an evening of screenings and debate.

Visual Campaign

Accompanying Panic! is a visual campaign conceived by British art director Peter Saville to exemplify the current climate in the arts. The campaign features iconic faces from theatre, film, TV, art, literature, fashion and music tagged with the occupation of the principal earner in their families growing up, raising the question, ‘Could these important cultural players have any chance of success in 2015?’

A number of well known faces have lent their support to the campaign, including David BaileyJo BrandJohn CaleGiles DeaconChristopher EcclestonEstellePaterson JosephSarah LucasKen LoachSamantha MortonGrayson PerryJanet Street Porter and Thomas Turgoose.

You can view the full campaign on the dedicated Panic! website.

Panic! is a Create project, delivered in partnership with the Barbican, the Guardian, Goldsmiths University and British Art Show 8, with additional support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.