Create announce Chicken Town – a game-changing new social restaurant in Tottenham

Thursday, 26 March 2015

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking new food and community project for 2015 that will tackle child obesity at its source. Chicken Town will be London’s first restaurant that offers an alternative to the ubiquitous London chicken shop, of which there are now over 8,000. Opening in Tottenham this September, it will serve better quality chicken meals to young people in the daytime at the same price as local chicken shops, and will operate as a neighbourhood restaurant in the evening. All profits raised in the evenings will be used to fund the daytime meals for local young people and the project will deliver a range of outreach community initiatives aimed at encouraging young people to think about what they eat and to make positive changes.

In Tottenham, almost 40% of 11 year olds are classified as obese. Within a mile of the new restaurant there are over 30 fast food outlets offering cheap, calorific food and for many young people it is a regular part of their diet. Chicken Town will provide young people with a much healthier way of enjoying fast food and will encourage them to think about the origins of what they are eating. The restaurant will also give local young people the opportunity to gain jobs, training, mentoring and NVQ level qualifications through work placements with leading restaurants and chefs across the city who are partnering with us on the project.

Executive Chef Giorgio Ravelli, whose previous experience includes Upstairs at the Ten Bells and The Ledbury, is working with leading nutritionists to design a menu consisting of healthy, delicious and affordable alternatives to the high in salt, sugar and fat fried chicken meals so popular amongst young people. Chicken Town will serve herb fed free range chicken which will be steamed prior to flash frying, with sides such as roast corn, greens, coleslaw, coconut rice and sweet potato fries. Using higher quality oils, minimising frying times, lowering sodium levels, and having a farm-to-table ethos will help to provide a much tastier and healthier product, whilst fewer harmful fats, less sugar and more vegetables will be used in the restaurant.

We have secured the initial funding to build the restaurant and we are now seeking the remaining funding needed to purchase specialist restaurant equipment to help us produce healthy fast food via our first Kickstarter campaign. In exchange for your support we have a range of brilliant rewards including nights out at the new restaurant, recipe cards for children, limited edition Just Jam Chicken Town t-shirts, VIP tables at our opening night and free chicken for life.

Visit our Kickstarter page for full details. With a little help, Chicken Town can serve up tastier, healthier, happier fried chicken and help change the tide towards positive choices for young people in London.

Chicken Town is supported by Haringey Council and the Mayor of London’s High Street Fund.