Chicken Town’s Brand Ambassador Nadine Davis speaks about growing up in Tottenham and what she believes the new social restaurant will bring to the area

Thursday, 02 April 2015

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I was so happy when I was offered the opportunity to be a part of Chicken Town, it’s not only a project that I believe in but I feel like the restaurant itself will bring even more to Tottenham.

I attended secondary school and grew up in Haringey and at that age fast food is a part of the lifestyle, it’s quick and doesn’t taste too bad, not to forget it’s cheap. My school dinner was healthy and hot, which wasn’t something we really cared about then. We were able to leave school for an hour during lunchtime, so you can say it was part of being social. Some kids are better informed about what’s good or bad but whether they can afford “healthy food” is the main problem. Their parents can cook good meals and advise them to eat better but what they do outside of their households can’t always be controlled. If kids understand food and what bad food can to do their bodies in the long run, they will care more about their diets. Chicken Town will put parents mind at ease, as it’s a place where they can eat their favourite meal and it will be filling and a way better option than a usual chicken shop.

Chicken Town is all about community and I feel the team behind the project really care. The jobs that will be created for local young people and the training opportunities they will receive are amazing.  I am Brand Ambassador at Chicken Town, which means I will be helping the project make links with the local community as well as managing the Chicken Town social media channels.

Chicken Town can really make a difference. As a mum I think it’s so important for businesses to care about the communities they are based in and how their business will affect local people. I hope that Chicken Town will do this and that it can be a good example for other businesses to follow.

You can really get a feel of what Chicken Town is about in the Kickstarter video and the young girls involved were more than happy to take part and talk with Director Ben Rymer about fried chicken and how it can be made in a healthier way. It’s been great speaking to local young people and seeing how they feel about healthy eating and Tottenham.

Nadine Davis
Brand Ambassador