Chicken Town – its not just about delicious chicken!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

upper_swaledale_walls copySwaledale – home of our herb fed chickens!

Chicken Town director Ben Rymer explains that the new social restaurant won’t just be about delicious chicken:

There has been a lot of exposure, and rightly so, of the food we plan to serve at Chicken Town.  As director of the project I thought now would be a good time to share all the other great things that we have planned.

The creation of jobs for local young people is a priority for us.  We believe in training local young people to a world-class standard in both kitchen skills for our young chefs and hospitality for our front of house staff.  These will be skills that they will be able to use for a wide variety of careers later in life as well as a means to support themselves if they choose to study further.  Chicken Town is not a training restaurant, we just believe that this should be a normal part of a well-run establishment.

We have a network of great partner restaurants who are just as excited about training and mentoring as we are. Polpo, Quo Vadis, The Cinnamon Club, Lardo and The Clove Club have all signed up to date.  They will be sending their chefs in to mentor our own and we will be looking to use Chicken Town as a gateway for young people to get jobs in some of London’s best restaurants.

Our overall ethos at Chicken Town is about getting young people to engage with food and to think about what they are eating, how it’s made and where it comes from.  As such we have already started planning an extensive outreach programme to reflect this. Local schools will play a larger part of this as we look to get kids in for cooking sessions in the restaurant.  We plan to support local community growing initiatives and even want to take kids for visits to see the farm where our chickens come from, Swaledale in Yorkshire, a beautiful part of the country.

Finally, as the environment is a key part of our values, we will always source as much local produce as possible. Chicken Town is planning on being a zero waste restaurant and there are even talks about doing some bee keeping on our roof.  So you see, even though chicken is at the heart of our business there are many more strings to our bow than just having a delicious dinner.

Please check out our Kickstarter page if you want to know more and support us with your pledge.

Ben Rymer
Director, Chicken Town