We are keen to share what we have learned over the past ten years and we are increasingly asked to work on a consultancy basis for both public and private organisations in locations across London, the UK and internationally.  Since 2016, we’ve collaborated with arts consultant Lois Stonock to establish Associates – a collective of curators, academics and artists, to start to write long-term strategies for community and culture.

Our work with Associates, an independent company, is based on our shared belief that art and culture can be directed to do more than just decorate and that the best kind of cultural strategy should make places worth living in, all the time. We think that this is the best way to make communities, schools, enterprises and public spaces that endure.

We are interested in how the approaches that artists take can go beyond public art and one-off events to shape buildings, enterprises, traditions and habits.

Cultural strategies are normally developed behind closed doors. We think open conversations about how art and culture can contribute to life in cities would be better for policy makers, artists and communities.

We are currently working together in partnership with Ballymore, Royal Mail, Herefordshire District Council, Eastbourne Borough Council and The Creative Foundation. You can read more about Associates on Medium.